"Preparation throught education is less costly than learning through trajedy."

Max Mayfield, Director of National Hurricane Center

Welcome to Preppers Site!


What is a Prepper?

Do you ever feel like the world could colapse around you? Financial problems, lack of protection, uncertain future? Preppers prepare themselves in case the worse happens. It may be a viral pandemic, economic or financial colapse, biochemical scenarios, malthusian (lack of food, water, overpopulation, disease), and natural disasters (short or prolonged - [examples - earthquake, floods, sun spots and hurricanes].

The Preppers Response

Preppers feel more comfortable when they have an underground bunker, self protection and self-defense skills, money put aside, beer and other tradable items when things are scarce. Peruse this site and you will learn about these ideals that are what preppers are about.