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I like to go by Francie. I am going to Moorpark College to obtain an Associates in Multi Media and then go on from there for a Bachelors degree. I work part time maintaining the Online sales, shopping cart and social networking for a local company. Additionally, I list auctions Online for sale. I take a lot of photographs for these auctions and enjoy photographing nature, people and anything I find to be cool! Spring semester I took the beginning intro to multi media and enjoyed the course in addition to learning a lot. This presented the problem of realizing how much I still have to learn.

I got married this summer. I have a pet rabbit named Pixie who is a hotot variety. She is very entertaining. I used a lot of my skills from the last course to ready things for my wedding which was fun (invitations, menu's, place-cards etc). I will also be creating a photo slide show of the wedding once the photos come back from my photographer.

I am inspired by anything in nature, although I especially like sea creatures, sunny days, Pixie, technology, photography, and computers.

Web sites that I visit often are -

among many others.

My favorite movies are -

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